Duhok Agricultural Company


The farm is in operation since 1982.

Initially commissioned by Lohmann Tierzucht GmbH, Germany as a Layer Farm.

DAC farm consists of:

  1. Battery Cages, feeding system, silos, drinking system, egg collection conveyors from Kutlusan Poultry Equipment-Turkey in 20 sheds
  2. Feed mill from Yemtar, Turkey and
  3. New egg store.


  1. The existing farm consist of 15 farms, feed mill, hatchery, one egg store, veterinary complex, water pumping station, etc.
  2. Every farm/ complex is approximately 1-2 km away from each other.
  3. There is an abundant supply of sweet water from nearby Mosul Dam built on the Tigris River.  It is pumped to a Tank and then supplied to all farms.
  4. Every farm has a power supply from the country’s electricity grid, has in house power sub-station, and is also backed up by Generators.
  5. Every complex has an approx. 200m2 office.
  6. All farms are protected by wire mesh security fencing and manned by security personnel.
Total Number of Farms 15 Farms
Total number of sheds in all the 15 farms 130 Sheds

Each shed measuring 130 x 12.5 meters

Feed Mill complex ONE
Hatchery complex ONE
Water Complex ONE
Veterinary / Laboratory complex ONE


Layer Farming Status

  • Total number of Chickens (Layer) currently in the farm:   550,000 Chickens
  • Current daily egg production:  470,000 Eggs equivalent to 1,300 Cartons